Country: Italy – FranceitaliaCity: Turin

cronier-bene2Mr. Ortensi, born in Rome on 16 November 1946.
He has married three times and has six sons. He is a doctor of Law and a doctor of Psychology, but he says “Bridge is my life and I hope to live together with this love forever”. He joined the Bridge world when he watched on television the famous Giorgio Belladonna’s 7 clubs, made on a finesse. “Then I thought: if a World Championship can be won over such a board, maybe I can do the same.”
That was not the case. “I soon realized that I could not live with this hope… That Bridge did not work this way!” So he started teaching and directing Bridge tournaments. He has been International Tournament Director since 1982 and he is now responsible for all the Tournament Directors of the Italian Bridge Federation. He collaborates with the Italian Bridge Federation, the European Bridge League and the World Bridge Federation. His love for Bridge brought him to the Lavazza Team and to the Italian National Team as coach. Together with Maria Teresa Lavazza, he reached huge successes and he hopes to go on this way.


2001 45th GENERALI EUROPEAN TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS – Tenerife – Open Teams (coach)
2002 46th EUROPEAN TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS – Salsomaggiore – Open Teams (coach)
2002 11th WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS – Montreal – Open Teams (coach)
2004 47th EUROPEAN TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS – Malmo – Open Teams (coach)
2004 12th WORLD TEAM OLYMPIAD – Istanbul – Open Teams (coach)
2005 37th WORLD TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS – Estoril – Open Teams (coach)
2006 48th EUROPEAN TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS – Warsaw – Open Teams (coach)
2008 13th WORLD BRIDGE GAMES – Beijing – Open Teams (coach)
2010 50th EUROPEAN TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS – Ostend – Open Teams (coach)