All matches will be played over sixteen boards, divided into two stanzas of 8.
The WBF VP scale for 16 boards will be in use.


There will be a break of 10 minutes between the two stanzas.

Each team shall field a mixed pair at both tables. Men to sit North and West. Women to sit South and East.

The Line-Up is to be made electronically, and must be submitted after brief coordination between the Captains, the Chairman and the General Manager of the Organising Committee.

All system cards and notes are to be sent to Anna Gudge: to be registered;
and to Traian Chira: to be uploaded to the BBO database.

The deadline for completion of system registration is Friday October 24th.

The same Laws and Regulations will apply as for WBF Screen Regulations.

If a player would like to undo a call or a play he/she must immediately summon the TD. No player may take any action following the request for a TD. Undo’s will be permitted according to Law 25 for calls, and Laws 45, 46 and 47 for plays.

Alerts and Explanation Regulations will apply with the exception that each players must self-alert his/her own call.

Explanations are to be made to both opponents simultaneously via the contest software

Attendance in Playing room is limited to officials, players and staff members.

Otherwise the WBF General Conditions of Contest will apply.