The March of Time

Back in 1936, Ely & Josephine Culbertson played a match in New York against South American players. Nothing unusual in that you might imagine, but their opponents were sitting in a club in Buenos Aires, 8521 kilometres away! The plays were relayed using short wave radio, with ‘dummies’ playing the opponent’s cards.

80 years on the advance of technology means that the playing of such long distance matches is much simpler – and for spectators much easier to follow. That will definitely be the case in the inaugural Yeh Online Bridge World Cup which sees four world class teams playing in opposition. Spectators will be able to follow every card on BBO and Our Game as well as watching the live video stream from the venues located in Turin, Seattle & Beijing.

Turin is 8611 kilometres from Seattle, which is 8684 kilometres from Beijing which is 8192 kilometres from Turin.


It was Fernando Alfedo Lema who brought this story to our attention.

If you would like to read more about the original match go to:

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