How a $5,000,000 loss turned into a $5,000,000 gain

Don’t worry about losing $5,000,000

SCA Promotions, the Dallas based sports underwriting company based in Dallas owned by the World’s number 1 ranked Bridge player, Bob Hamman insures organizations against huge losses by charging small insurance premiums (sometimes not so small). They insured the U.S. Postal Service against Lance Armstrong’s winning seven Tours de France in a row and when Armstrong succeeded, SCA was on the hook for $7,500,000 (having already paid bonuses in 2003 and 2004). They declined to pay in 2005, citing drug use as the reason, but Armstrong took them to court and won the case, receiving $5,000,000. However, the decision was subsequently overturned. Not having had his money returned when Armstrong was stripped of his titles by the U.S.Anti Drug Agency, Hamman took Armstrong back to court and was awarded a $10M settlement in February 2015.

That incredible story is recounted in the 2015 movie The Program a biographical drama about Lance Armstrong directed starring Ben Foster as Armstrong and featuring Dustin Hoffman as Bob Hamman.

hoffoman_hammanDustin Hoffman plays Bob Hamman in the movie “The Program”

Between 31 October – 2 November 2016 Bob will be at the bridge table in Seattle representing team USA-BBO who also include Bill Gates in their ranks in the first Yeh Online World Cup, battling against teams based in Beijing and Turin. Every team is packed with world champions and Team CCBA features China’s Mr Zeng Peiyan,  former vice premier for economy & General secretary of the Asian Economic Forum.

At each venue, remotely controlled webcams will monitor every player, steaming live images across the Internet. Every match (played under the auspices of the World Bridge Federation) will be shown live around the world using the sophisticated programmes developed by the bridge broadcasting companies, based in the USA and China, BridgeBaseOnline & Ourgame. The best bridge journalists from around the world will cover the event with voice and written commentaries and there will be instant Daily Bulletins online. Social media will be utilised to the fullest extent with dedicated accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.