Bob Hamman in a Nutshell

Last month Bob Hamman won the World Senior Team Championship in Wroclaw, Poland, his 30th medal in World Championship play.

He grew up in Southern California. At an early age he started playing chess and various card games. Before getting involved in Bridge, he played chess at a high level. In 1957 he and 3 fellow students at UCLA won the Southern California Open Team Chess Championship.

Soon after he was introduced to contract Bridge and immediately got hooked. He won his first major National Bridge championship in 1962.

In 1969 he moved to Dallas and accepted the invitation of Ira Corn to join the Dallas Aces, the American squad that dominated the global Bridge scene and was financially supported by Corn.

Hamman’s Law is one of Bob’s popular contributions to Bridge. The adage says, “If you have a bidding decision to make, bid 3NT if it’s a plausible choice.”

He is married to Petra Hamman, herself a Women’s World Champion Bridge player.

In 1986, Bob started SCA Promotions, his own prize promotion company. The business began with a five-person office. Today, SCA has 100 employees, $35 million in sales, and offices in Calgary, London and Dallas.  Bob says he doesn’t know why some ventures succeed and some fail. Still, it doesn’t hurt to love your work, or to be smart and work hard.