A Game of Two Halves

At the half way mark in the match between the CCBA and Lavazza things were looking bleak for the team from Turin. However, as any self respecting pundit will tell you, Bridge is a game of two halves.3_b13_b2

South did not see the double of 1Cuori so her 2Fiori was Drury. That left her awkwardly placed and when she decided against punting 4Cuori the game was missed, +170.


2SA = Limit raise or better

East led her heart, so declarer drew trumps and claimed. Rest assured that after East’s double he would always have taken ten tricks. It was 10 IMPs to Lavazza on the comeback trail.


West led the jack of diamonds and East overtook with the ace and returned the queen, the defenders taking the first seven tricks, three down, -300.


East led….(drum roll please) the four of spades, +660 and another big swing hand gone to the trailing team.


South led the king of diamonds and North was content to follow with the eight. South coped with that, switching to the two of hearts, one down, -100.


It was not easy for EW to double 5Quadri, but 5Picche was down in double quick time, the defenders cashing a diamond (here North overtook the king) and switching to a heart, +500.

It was not quite enough to save the match, but Lavazza had avoided a catastrophe.