Mr Chen Yeh and Mr Jose Damiani

The end ??
Oh no ! This is far from the end, it is the beginning of a new chapter in the great history of Bridge.

Let’s have a “flashback” over the past days, as if we were making a movie.

The concept of the Yeh Online Bridge World Cup was to showcase bridge as a modern game , pure, using all the technology available to promote a dynamic image, and attract as much media attention as possible.

And there can be no doubt that we succeeded in our aim, thanks to the participation of our VIPs. Yes we are fully aware that we can improve on the communication aspects, but innovation means finding our way and learning for the future.

Imagination, ideas, concepts are worth nothing if they are not supported by the right actors and personnel. And on that score I was totally amazed by the dedication of all the people involved in the organisation. They worked day and night, forgetting about eating or sleeping, just because on the other side of the world there was another team awake and needing responses and support.

On our website you will find the list of this wonderful team and I want to thank them so so much for all that they did.

And our Champions – the players who took part in this challenging event.

How do I find a way to thank them ? They took up the challenge, faced the inevitable constraints and differences in playing such a new event, happy to be part of this world first. I cannot find the words to express my gratitude to them.

On the site you will find their photographs and biographies and you can watch the games on the different platforms – YouTube or Web TV.

Each venue provided great interest and there was some great bridge played – and I am sure some mistakes made with some of the hands. I must mention the Beijing heat, where two teams were playing in an amazing setup created and supported by OurGame and where our partner, Mr Chen Yeh was welcomed.

It now remains to see the stats, the media return and hear the comments from the players and spectators.

Have no doubt that we will listen, learn and look to the future to improve and carry these ideas forward.

And for now to all you took part, please take some well earned rest and sleep. Thank you all, thank you for your support, your dedication and for being part of the first Yeh Bridge Online World Cup.

José Damiani

After three days of play, the winners are the Lavazza Team from Europe, featuring the World Champions Norberto Bocchi, Giorgio Duboin, Agustin Madala, Sylvie Willard and Benedicte Cronier together with the Lavazza family: Maria Teresa Lavazza and Emanuela Lavazza. The team was completed by their friend and life time coach Massimo OrtensiGiuseppe Lavazza visited the venue and  the players during all the event and was a very special host for his team and our staff.

The World Bridge Federation President Gianarrigo Rona was at the Lavazza Innovation center at the moment of the victory. Right after the last match, a press conference connected Turin to Beijing, where the World Bridge Federation President Emeritus José Damiani was following the event with the teams from Asia: Yeh and CCBA. The players had the opportunity to congratulate each other. This was a great moment of sport and friendship.

At that time because of the time zone, the game had already stopped in Seattle where our American champions together with the Microsoft founder Bill Gates had competed for three days. Their presence was instrumental in making this event a world wide media success.